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I have a CDA single oven out of guarantee - its PCB control

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HiI have a CDA single oven out of guarantee - its PCB control panel died in April and was replaced at vast expense. But it has happened again, in November - 7 months later. No breaker switch has flipped either time. It happened this time when the grill function was turned on. Does this suggest there's a fault in the design or the oven workings, or something else, please?regardsBelinda

Hi Belinda,

It rather depends what on the PCB has failed, for instance is it the relay to call the element, is it the CPU which controls the clock and timer function, or something else?

The fact your not seeing the RCD / fuse trip suggests its not a surge or earth leakage, which to me would suggest the PCB wasnt fitted properly (an anti static band should be worn by the engineer), as its likely static caused by a poor installation would have reduced the life of the part.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Even though the same thing happened before?? How would anyone know or be able to prove that please?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I prefer to type

You cant prove a fault due to anti static, other than proving the PCB has failed but there are no signs of faulty cabling or connectors which would cause a short, or by sending the PCB away for an electrical engineer to fault find at a component level and prove the fault is due to an IC which has failed, as static wouldnt cause a relay or capacitor to fail.

In terms of your current issue is the oven completely dead, is the clock still working?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
The oven is completely dead - no lights at all. The top oven works fine. So the CPU must have been shot as well. I am not getting why you said the anti static band was important if static would not cause either of the problems you first mentioned - sorry to be dense? Belinda

The relay which powers the element (which is located on the PCB) if faulty would result in the oven working (light/fan starting), but just the element not heating up, if the PCB was not fitted correctly (using an anti static band) then the IC (integrated circuits) can be weakened by the static from touching the board while fitting it. The weakened IC will then fail a few week or months after usage, as the static has significantly weakened them.

Just to confirm this appliance is a double oven, the top oven is part of the same appliance and working fine? If so this may not be the PCB but the function selector switch, as its unusual to get a fault where the PCB fails but only affects one of the ovens.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No it's a single oven - I mentioned the top oven only to clarify that there's nothing wrong with the supply. I can't even get a reply from CDA. The part was fitted by an appliance repair specialist. I fear that each will blame the other. Don't think that you are going to be able to help me further unless you have PCB panels to fit for less than it is otherwise going to cost me to start from bloody scratch again. But thanks for trying. Belinda

Hi Belinda,

How much were you quoted for the PCB, and how much for the engineer to attend?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Because it has happened before I know that the PCB costs £285 and the installation about £50

How old is the oven, and what is the model number?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
It is 2 yrs old and the part number that CDA sent last time is 42782053. The actual model number of the cooker is SK450SS -1 - 586990. Another number on it is(###) ###-####

Based on the excessive cost of a PCB, I would be inclined to opt for getting D&G out on a fixed price repair and protect plan, they will cover all costs (labour and parts), plus give you a further years warranty for any future breakdown, for far less than the cost of a new PCB. You can find details here, once they come out confirm its the PCB at fault I would hold on to it, and send it back to CDA and look to get them to refund you the original £285 cost, as if its failed within 6 months its down to the manufacture to prove it was not due to a design floor (and from experience they just refund you, as the time and cost involved in checking a PCB at a component level is very costly).

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you for this advice. Regards, Belinda

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