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I have recently had a Zanussi tech attend my address to make

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I have recently had a Zanussi tech attend my address to make repairs to a Zanussi cooker hood. Whilst here h head a conversation with my wife. My wife said that she did not use the dryer on our Zanussi ZWT 71201 WA washer dryer. The tech said that if you do not use the dryer, condensation can get on the heating element which can cause the entire machine to stop working. He further said that there were two options, 1, use the dryer. 2, disconnect the heating element.
Is there any truth behind this, I ask because my wife finds the dryer “useless” as she put it.
Is it worthwhile having the heating element disconnected?

Hi Peter,

There is a small element of truth that if the heater for the dryer is never used condensation can build up and corrode the heater over years of use, that said the washer is a wet appliance so there are moisture barriers in place etc to stop condensation getting into the wiring and causing issues mid/short term. There are also thermal fuses and other circuits in place to prevent a short which would be what the engineer hinted at which could cause a total failure of the washer.

So if you never plan to use the washer you could disconnect the heater its a 20 minute job you can do yourself, however it will still result in the heater being corroded over years of use, and just stops the very small chance that moisture gets into the heater and shorts out the circuitry, which damages the washer PCB, in all my years I have never seen evidence of this.

Personally, I would recommend you leaving the machine as is, as you never know when you may need to use the dryer, and even using it a couple of times a year would extend the life of the heater.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Many thanks to James for the answer to my question. He’s answer somewhat confirms my suspicions. Before asking the question I had carried out an online search regarding the alleged issue and found nothing.

No problem so I may close the case please rate the service using the star rating on this page.

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