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We have a fridge/freezer (model RSH5UBTS) and the fridge is

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Hi we have a fridge/freezer (model RSH5UBTS) and the fridge is freezing the contents. I have set the temp at max 7 degrees, but its still to cold. The fridge is 5-6 years old. Is there a possible fix for this or a sign that we need a new one?

Hi Grant,

The average life expectancy of a fridge is around 8 years, so it is getting to the point where its probably not worth spending a great deal of money on repair but you should still get another few years out of it yet.

What temp is the fridge showing on the display is it showing 7 degrees, but your still seeing items freeze inside (suggesting the display is not reporting the correct temp) or is it showing a lower temp than what you have set the fridge too?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thanks. The display temp is 7. It was on 5 yesterday when we first noticed the problem and I raised it to 7. So the display says 7, but stuff in the fridge is frozen - particularly at the bottom of the fridge. The first thing we noticed was that the water dispenser was not dispensing water. Given that the fridge had not been moved, I surmised that the water supply may have frozen - which now seems to be the case.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Am I going to get an answer to the above, or is that it?

Sorry for the delay in responding Grant, based on the sensor showing the wrong temp and the fridge being colder than reported this would suggested a faulty relay on the PCB.

In most cases where the sensor is showing the wrong temp it would point to a faulty sensor however since the temp is the same as that what the temp is set to even if it not reading the correct temp it should still be telling the appliance the temp is correct and doesnt need to be any colder, which would normally result in the fridge being too warm.

Assuming the sensor is not at fault, this points to the PCB not reading the input from the sensor properly (hence showing 7 degree when its actually nearer -1), and secondly constantly cooling for coolant which suggests a faulty relay on the PCB.

Based on the cost of a new PCB and labour for an american style appliance, I would suggest you put the money towards a replacement as you would be spending around £200 on a repair which would give you another couple of years use.

Please provide a postcode if you would like me to recommend an engineer.

Please let me know if you need anything further.



Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thanks James. Postcode is W42NW

Based on you being in the London area, and the cost of a PCB being in excess of £100, I would suggest opting for a fixed price repair and protect plan.

Please see here, which details the benefits such as no fix no fee, a fixed price including all parts and labour, plus also giving you a further years warranty for any future breakdown.

However if you would prefer to deal with a local firm PR Repairs can be contacted on(###) ###-####7730 for a quote.

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