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We have a Dimplex combined off-peak and convector heater now

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We have a Dimplex combined off-peak and convector heater now about 5 years old. Its code is CXLS24N Series A with another code 004098LThe off-peak was switched on after the Summer and ran through one night. Next night it did not take on any heat.Our electrician has looked at it and says that there is nothing wrong with the appliance. So he is wondering if there is a problem with our wiring.Yesterday we tried again and the heater worked over night but unfortunately that did not happen for today.
What is wrong? The heater must be alright if it sometimes comes on. Is there a switch not engaging?Please help us.

Ok, this sounds most likely a fault with the appliance rather than your wiring.

So I am clear you have a separate power feed from a central time controller which powers the heater in the early hours (cheap rate), or is there only one power feed and a timer built into the heater which decides when to charge over night?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
we have a separate power feed which delivers cheap rate power on Economy 7. There is no separate timer for the off peak power. In the last couple of weeks it has mainly not taken any charge from Economy7 but on two nights it has. We don't understand why!!
The convector section of the heater is controlled Manually at any time of day or night by way of a separate power feed.The convector part is working correctly.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I don't understand why the off peak heater performs properly on most nights but not others.

Hi Barry,

I assume the other heaters connected to the Eco 7 feed dont have an issue, or do you just have one heater connected?

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