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My daughter has a Kenwood Chef Major and when on low speeds

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My daughter has a Kenwood Chef Major and when on low speeds the whole machine spins around. It does not do this on higher speeds. Can you help solve this mystery please.

Hi Jean,

Its an unusual one, at lower speeds there is higher torque, which may be why its not present at higher speed.

Are all the rubber feet in place under the underside?

To look into this further can you also advise the model number and year or purchase?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I am sorry don't know the model number but it's about 3 years old. Spoke to her this morning and she said it shakes the whole machine when on med or fast and won't go on slow. Sorry about the mix up I am in France ,she is in Yorkshire. I just want to help her as we bought ( in UK) it her for Christmas and feel dreadful it can't be used. All feet in place. It was the biggest and most expensive at the time as she loves baking.

This certainly suggests a hardware fault, and most likely the motor has come lose, and no longer aligned causing the appliance to violently shake.

Due to the age the appliance is no longer under warranty, however there are a number of Kenwood approved service centres all over the country your daughter can take it to for repair.

She will need the model number which should be on the rating plate of the appliance (normally located where the cable goes in), then lookup the local service centre by going to the link here and typing in her postcode.

Please do let me know if you have any further questions, or if your unable to locate a nearby service centre, at which point I can look for a local engineer who would be able to assist (but would need your daughters postcode).

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