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I have a 4 ring hob - I believe it is a PBH6B5B60 gas hob.

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I have a 4 ring hob - I believe it is a PBH6B5B60 gas hob. The large wok ring always works but the other 3 rings only work intermittently. I clean the electrodes and metal spike and the burner rings - sometimes i can get them to light, mostly not. The hob is about 2 years old and is in good condition apart from this fault.

Hi Steve,

Do you believe the issue to be flow of gas or spark?

For instance when you have the issue and hold your finger on the ignition knob, can you see the spark jumping from electrode to burner, and if you use a match does the burner light without issue first time?

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
The burner lights - there is a flow of gas to the rings and a spark, but the flame goes out when the button is released (in the on position). This is intermittent for all rings apart from the large wok ring that always works.

Hi Steve,

As per our call, a new thermalcouple can be found here for £20.

Do let me know if you need anything further.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Many thanks for your sound advice. I took off the hob cover as recommended (1 screw was cross threaded from the factory and I had to drill it out- I never get a straight forward easy job!).
I then followed your advice and used a known good TC. This proved to work on all three burners that were previously not working, indicating a TC related fault.
I then reassembled everything, then lo and behold all burners lit first time! I left them running for a while in case the TC's failed under heat - no problem they stayed on.
I wonder if the issue was bad connections and by taking off the 'faulty' TC's and refitting etc. it cleared this fault?
In any case, I know what to do now if one fails.
By the way, the hob was actually a Bosch PBH615B90E - I found the paperwork.
Many thanks again for your advice and great service. I will rate your advice and give you a good recommendation.

Its unlikely to be a poor connection on all three, you may find just removing the old ones has cleared a pressure blockage in them, however would expect they will likely fail in the coming months.