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Regarding ZCI68300BA, do these have a leakage to earth. My

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Regarding ZCI68300BA, do these have a leakage to earth. My RCCD unit trips out at 5ma, when it should not trip below 15ma? This only happens with power to the cooker. It does not have to be turned on, just connected. All other circuits in house checked out ok.
Hi,My name is ***** ***** I will help with your question. The best way to find the earth leakage is a pat test on the cooker. Have you had the wiring to the cooker checked. A neutral to earth fault will trip a rcd. Is the rcd in the fuse board?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Neutral to earth reading better than 5 megger ohms, as is live to earth using 500 volt megger
With cooker disconnected, insulation reading infinity. Having had random trips since cooker fitted last week, checked all other
circuits. The cooker appears to work ok. Fitted a new Rccd on disboard, same result. Trips below 15mA
Do you have a rcd tester? What rating is the rcd?
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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Using an RCD tester, I established that the RCD was tripping out between 5 and 15ma when connected to all circuits. The RCD was removed and tested separately, and tripped between 15 and 30ma as it should. Another RCD was fitted with the same results. As I had recently fitted a new induction hob cooker, I removed this from the installation and the RCD operated correctly. I removed the earth wire from the cooker and fitted a meter in circuit. With power to the cooker, but nothing turned on, the meter reads 4.51 ma. To my mind this is excessive, and I wonder if this is typical for induction hobs. Nobody from the manufacturers can answer me.
I have since fitted an RCD that supplies only the cooker, and have no problem since. My point is that this should not have been necessary, and is there something wrong with the new cooker? I will continue to seek the answer from the manufacturer.

I​ do agree 4.51mA does seem a high leakage. I will do some research and see if that is normal.