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I have an Valliant Ecotec plus combi boiler - the radiators

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Hello :)I have an Valliant Ecotec plus combi boiler - the radiators symbol switches off regularly and even if I on my wall mounted controller reset and get to switch on again whiten 1h or so they will not stay on.. What can I do?"Pressure is fine" and the boiler does not give me any "problem-code"Would very much appreciate advice :)regards ***** *****

Hi Ebba,

The radiator symbol on the boiler will appear when there is a demand for central heating, so I am clear the timer is calling for heat (CH is on), normally if its exactly one hour each time it suggests you selecting the boost\incremental option on the controller to turn on the heating, which just provides heat for one hour.

If you press the button marked with a radiator under the display, what is shown on the display?

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hello James,Thank you for responding.It is not exactly 1h every time. hard to gage as im at work during the day. that said, I wake up every am and its freezing.I re-set it on my wall control panel and it all gets warm again. then when I come home again its cold again. i re-set and then, usually inside 1h ish, it if off again.So, no consistent heat, as last winter.
Ill re-set again before bed and wake up freezing. easy re-set but doesn't stay on.When I press the "i" button under the boiler display, it shows a "flame .5 and 4 , below the numbers is the radiator symle and a circle with an arrow head pointing upwards and a timer symbol. (I dont have the timer is not switched on )

Hi Ebby,

As per our conversation please replace the thermostat with the Honeywell CM707 which can be sourced for around £70 here.

The job can be performed by anyone who is competent to change a plug socket, and requires switching off the boiler removing the old thermostat then using the wires from the boiler to connect it into the new CM707.

This should take more than 30 minutes, plus maybe a further 20 minutes setting up all the times and temps within the programmer.



I have also found the same device on Amazon here.