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When I switch on my TV it can take up to 10 minutes (approx)

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When I switch on my TV it can take up to 10 minutes (approx) for the picture to switch on. The red light is flashing that is being switched on during this time.
Have not had any problems with this until recently. Not sure if it a problem. Related to sky.
I brought the television from Australia and just changed the plug to suit the uk standard. Have had no problems until recently.Regards,
Norm Taylor

Hi Norm,

This is suggesting either the main board or the power board is starting to develop a fault, based on it switching on but taking its time it sounds most likely the power board, probably a capacitor isnt holding charge and not providing the TV with sufficient power to start up the screen, process and tuner all at once.

With these type of faults they will get progressively worse to the point the TV will not start up at all.

How old is the TV, and are you able to advise on the make and model?

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No problem. Had a feeling this would be the problem. Will just get a technician to sort it out. It’s a Samsung 42”LCD and it’s about 6/7 years old, so can’t expect it to be perfect all the time. Thanks.

No problem, average life expectancy of a TV is about 8 years, so I would suggest you get some quotes and if the repair is more than £100 (which it may well be), you seriously consider replacement, as other faults are likely to develop not long after.

The only other things worth doing before calling an engineer is removing all cables and wires connected (leaving just the power cable), turn it off and then back on and see if the fault is still present (I would expect it to be) but this does rule out any interference from anything else such as a sound bar or Sky box.

Lastly perform a factory reset on the appliance, some times its the software which is slowing down the start up of the processor which controls the screen, again this is not often the case but worth doing (it costs you nothing).