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I have a Drayton LP 20RF thermostat and receiver combination

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Hi I have a Drayton LP 20RF thermostat and receiver combination controlling a Worcester Bosch com I boiler. It's just 11 weeks old. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, it seems that the wireless link fails, turning off the heating. A green list flashes on the boiler unit to show the failed link. It's cured by replacing the batteries, but only for half a day or so. And also cured by placing the thermostat within a meter or so of the boiler. The boiler's upstairs, in an unused bedroom, and the thermostat is on the landing, about 2.5 meters from the boiler when failure happens, with a stud wall between the thermostat and boiler. If I take the thermostat downstairs, the link also fails. I got the installers to replace the thermostat and boiler unit but it didn't solve the problem. Surely I can put the thermostat unit further away? Seems crazy to have to place it within a meter or so of the boiler to get it operational. Or is it a boiler issue?
It's a thermostat issue.
Perhaps a lot of interference from other sources.
I know if some that only work 1m away.
Is the original cable still in or is the boiler in a different location?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Boiler is in bedroom (which is nearly empty & unused apart from a little storage). Thermostat is wirelessly connected and on a wall (stud, lath & plaster) of upstairs landing & the bedroom’s just off the landing. Boiler & thermostat are only about 2.5 meters apart (with the stud wall between them of course). No wires in the wall (apart from power which comes up through the floor to sockets and another for the boiler’s supply.
Is it possible to run a wire up from the boiler into the loft and then down the stud wall to a thermostat location.
It's much more reliable with a wire, or you use something WiFi based like a Nest.
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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Just remembered - a phone extension cable runs right past the thermostat position. Its not used now, no phone in that room. Boiler now switched on OK because it’s now sitting on a box in the room with the boiler about 2 meters away.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I could run a wire easily enough, i suppose. I’m not familiar with the wifi option. We do have broadband wifi that has reasonable strength on the landing where the thermostat should be. Would that be OK? And it could then be controlled by an app from my mobile, i suppose?
Google Nest and see if it would be suitable for your needs