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Tumble Dryer Error Code for Zanussi ZDC8202P: I have

Customer Question

Tumble Dryer Error Code for Zanussi ZDC8202P:I have triggered the error code display and wish to know what the error is. The dryer has been refusing to start, beeping three times while flashing red on the start/pause button. This happens either midway during a cycle so it stops, or increasingly at the start, refusing to let you begin. Lock is off, door is shut, tank and filter empty (at start of cycle).The lights are flashing as follows, all amber except one instance of red:The left-most vertical row of 'mode' lights flash in turn from the top (Cotton) to the bottom (Time 30 mins). As the bottom Time 30 LED flashes amber, so too does the Start/Pause button. The Start/Pause button then flashes RED once at the same as Tank flashes amber. This is the only red flash during the display cycle. Then the first three dryness LEDs flash from 4/4 (fully dry) to 2/4 (half dry) while the three timer LEDs simultaneously flash through 3h, 6h, 9h. Filter and Lock then flash simultaneously. Then it flashes in turn down the options for Anticrease 90 mins, Time 60 mins and Delicate. When Delicate flashes this is simultaneously with Cottons, and the cycle begins again.So is it the Tank (which accompanies the red flash)? If so what does that mean, a pump issue? How much is a repair; is it worth it for a 300 quid machine that's only lasted 2.1 years? Or should I buy new (and not Zanussi)? This dryer is used at least once daily.Many thanks in advance!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Gavin replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I’m Gavin from JA thanks for your question. I’ll help you with your dryer problem. When the fault first started to occur would it refuse to restart/continue the cycle if you immediately pressed start but then sometime later start fine.

You may receive the option of a priority service phone call, this is automatically generated from the site. There is an extra charge for this service but it is entirely optional I am more than happy to help via webchat. ThanksGavin
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I think so, we were initially able to resume using the machine sometime later. Now it seldom starts.
Expert:  Gavin replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for that quite a common issue across most of the Zanussi range. Do you plan on doing a repair yourself?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Only if it is a simple swap job. I have a friend who is a sparky so would consider him doing it if the parts made it cost effective. What is the cause?
Expert:  Gavin replied 1 year ago.

Zanussi's do this when they have an Insulation resistance fault. Before the Insulation resistance gets too low and starts tripping your electric they stop working. 90% of the time the cause is the heating element. If you have a friend who's a sparky he'll be able to do an 'IR' test between the live and earth conductors at the plug and take a reading then if you disconnect the cables to the element and re run the test it will confirm if it is definitely the element causing the fault

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks. What dryer brand or model in your experience is more reliable? Ideally I want a sensor condenser for up to 300 quid but would go for something simpler if meant more reliability.
Expert:  Gavin replied 1 year ago.

No problem. I favour White Knight they've been making dryers a long time and haven't changed the design much because they are good machines. The parts are also reasonably priced if you should need any. One thing that's really important to do with the sensor dryers is religiously clean the filter and condenser as fluff build up on or around the sensors stops them working properly. Here's a link to a site that sells them.

Please remember to rate my help this evening and if you'd like anymore info just let me know.