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We have an AEG Lavatherm drier, model T59840. We have a

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We have an AEG Lavatherm drier, model T59840. We have a condensate drainage kit fitted, but the tubing has stopped draining water. We have checked the usual fluff filters, which are cleaned regularly and have had a new pump and 'board' fitted by ServiceForce. Unfortunately, no change.
The drier is consequently drying very inefficiently by forcing moist air from around the door seals and back through the air intake.
We suspect some kind of blockage is stopping the air flow or condensate flow. Additionally, we notice there is little water collecting just below the condenser (the sort of well, which is covered by a fine mesh screen which can be removed by unscrewing two posidrive screws. This used to always fill up and presumably overflow to be collected and pumped away.Three days leave taken, to wait for ServiceForce engineers and still struggling to dry laundry. Hope someone can help.Kind regards Lindsay

Hi Lindsay, thank you for choosing Just Answer, my name is ***** ***** I will help with your query today.

How old is the dryer, and if you remove the condenser from the housing is it dry moist or ringing wet?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
The drier is about 8 years old and the condenser is not the type you can remove to clean

The diagram I have shows it as a serviceable part, let me check and come back to you

Its located at the rear, but appears you would need to strip the unit to get to it.

You said you were seeing water pooling where was this?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hi James, just in front of the condenser there is a shallow well covered by a removable fine mesh. Since the drier was new, water (condensate), has collected in that well. It feels as if there is drainage channel off the back of the well, hence, I assume condensate must fill the well, weir over into the channel and away to were it is pumped from. Since, the problem began the shallow well has been barely wet or sometimes dry.

There should be a float valve in the well which triggers the pump to start out and pump the water.

It sounds like there is a fault with the exchanger, if your noticing warmth but it being humid and no water forming in the well, blockage would normally generate a fault code on the machine, or reduce air flow, both which would have been picked up by ServiceForce.

As you havent had luck with ServiceForce I think your best option is to go for a fixed price repair with D&G, they will attend strip the appliance down, service it, replace any parts identified as faulty and then give you a further years warranty for any future breakdown, if they cant repair it they offer a money back guarantee.

If your interested in this option you can find details here, alternatively if your happy to strip it down and have a multi meter we can look to do some troubleshooting on the appliance.



Customer: replied 9 months ago.
As I am work at the moment, can I get in touch later, when I have discussed with my better half. We are on a service plan with ServiceForce, via insurance; hence, we have already paid them. As you can imagine, it is a bit frustrating.

I would get them back out strip the appliance down, its not very difficult to prove the fault is clear, so not sure why they would leave without checking putting a wet rag in there and running it for 10 minutes, and watch it pump water out.

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