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JamesI, Handyman
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  I have repaired and maintained numerous items over the years, from fridges to freezers, radios to TV's.
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My dishwasher d5411s starts as soon as I press the on/off

Customer Question

my dishwasher d5411s starts as soon as I press the on/off switch but wont do a wash cycle. I have pressed the start/stop for 3 secs to no avail, any ideas?
Submitted: 14 days ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  JamesI replied 14 days ago.
Hi, it sounds like the washer is in flood mode if its starting as soon as you turn it on.
Do you hear water come in or just the pump running?
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
it started putting in water over night or left for a few days there would be water in the bottom of the unit, I used to switch it on and pump the water out then switch it off until we needed to use it properly to wash the dishes. but now it pumps it out but it wont go on to wash cycle.
Expert:  JamesI replied 12 days ago.

Ok this sounds like a faulty inlet on the washer, would you be looking to repair it yourself or for me to recommend a local agent?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I would be looking to do this repair myself .I am a qualified vehicle tech.
Expert:  JamesI replied 12 days ago.

Right, so I can look up the spec can you advise the make, and verify the model number of d5411s ?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Will do tonight
Expert:  JamesI replied 12 days ago.

No problem

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Hi been away on work, got back last night and it worked ok on a wash cycle. But there was water in the bottom of unit as before. I could hear it pump it out then did a wash?
Expert:  JamesI replied 10 days ago.

Ok it does sound like the inlet valve is not fully closing and letting small amounts of water into the machine even when switched off. The reason it seems to have completed this time points towards the valve having previously being stuck freeing itself and then allowing it to open the valve to let it fill after the drain cycle completed.

Run the washer a few times on rinse only cycle and see if that completes without incident, if it does then I would keep the washer door closed and monitor the water level in the machine if it appears to be rising when off, then would arrange for a new inlet valve to be fitted

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Okay will do , where about is the inlet valve sol located?
Expert:  JamesI replied 10 days ago.

You remove the lid to get to it, its located at the top of the machine directly behind where the hoses enter the washer.

Please let me know if you need anything further.

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Hi Sorry for the delay.
It seems to be working once I allow the built up water to drain.
Do you know where I can purchase one of these valves?