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Kim D.
Kim D., Antique Expert & Certified Appraiser
Category: Appraisals
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Experience:  25 Yr Decorative & Fine Art, Historic Object Expert, CAGA, AOA, Certified Appraiser
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I have recently inherited x2 oil paintings on canvas of countryside

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I have recently inherited x2 oil paintings on canvas of countryside scenes by Shrewsbury born artist Edwin Cole Snr, 1860 (similar piece to THE COTTAGE PATH; AND A COMPANION PAINTING sold at Christies 31st aug 2010 / sale 2335) Aswell as valuation estimate, i would welcome any further info, and advice where best to sell. Unfortunatley 1 painting has a small ammount of damage but the other is in generall good condition.
Hello. My name isXXXXX and I am a certified appraiser with 25 years in a museum and in the field much it with high quality fine art. I am happy to help.

Do you have a size of the two works? Are these well framed? We can discuss the condition as well but do you have images to share? This would help greatly to assess the issues as well as the value.

Here are the site’s directions to share images. Please let me know if you have any trouble. We can use email if this doesn't work.

You can attach something with the paper clip icon but these are step by step instructions below:

Lets take a look.
Kim D.

Steven - I am happy to help with the information that we have here. I always like to ask for more images if possible but I fully understand if that is an issue.

The Christies sale record does help and it is a bright example of where the markets should be for the British artist but unfortunately Edwin Cole (1868 - ) is one of the 19th century artists that is showing a rough market Worldwide.

Condition is going to be key as well as venue of sale if you are to sell these as there are many works that have sold from California, North Carolina to the UK in the last few years (I am looking at 10) that are not showing this strong a sale.

New York City and Christies sales in general are a very good place for an International 19th century artist works but they can reflect a different picture than the rest of the country. Thus if you are serious about selling this is where I would put these intimate works by Cole.

The rest of the markets Worldwide show a fair market value of a Edwin Cole in good condition, well framed (this is based on actual sales data of the last two years)in the range of 300.00-375.00 (USD)Yet 2008 and before show a better picture closer to the 2010 record at Christies (still not quite that high 1100.00 USD)

Thus I think it is clear the next step would be to handle the conservation issues of the work that needs stabilization and if you can hold on to them both for a would not be a bad idea.

However if you are intent on a sale and can get these to a Christies auction in London..or NY. This would be the only place to sell these well but keep expectations in check and possibly discuss a floor on the sale so you can keep them if they sell below your comfort level.

All my best with these and do let me know your location (closest large cities nearby) if you need a few conservation labs..I do know the best of the best museum quality labs in the US and UK if you would like this second one looked at for treatment.

Best wishes,
Kim D.
PS If you have other items of interest please remember my name. Any post addressed to “Kim D” at the head of the question will be sent to my inbox so I can help my return patrons first!

I would be more than happy to work with you again!

Kim D. and other Appraisals Specialists are ready to help you
Steven - I am just following up to see if you had any questions. My aim is excellent customer service and I am always concerned when I don't hear from my patrons.

What more can I tell you?

If you do not have further questions, would you please rate my service at no additional cost to you? The site credits us for working with our clients based on the received rating. This helps us provide the best service possible.

Thank you so much!
Kim D.

Steven - would you like a conservation lab? I can tell the news wasn't quite what you wanted to hear but I try to be truthful and provide you accurate data and help you best sell or care for the works in your collection.

If you want additional assistance with this, I would need your basic location or the largest cities near by.

Best wishes, Kim