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What is pottery mark, a circle with letter capitalW in each

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What is pottery mark, a circle with letter capitalW in each quarter, coloured dark red or burgundy, and number 16 or 76 under, and crown on top.
This is the mark for Royal Worcester porcelain of England in puce (the dark red/burgundy you describe). A date code for this mark would be a series of dots, circles, a letter, or a rectangular box with a Rd no of six digits.

You might be reading the 16/76 incorrectly, so I'd love if you could attach a picture of the mark and of the piece that the mark in on so that I could help you determine what you have.
There is a paper clip icon in the text box (not viewable on phone or tablet) for attaching photos. If Royal Worcester is a good enough answer for you on the mark, then let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks, ***** ***** is R Worcester, but no writing outside circle, this I think is limoges or similiar, and the number below is 76, which I think is 1876, but pattern is not found yet, terra cotta circles green diamond shapes blue floral and gold little squares, it is very delicate china and your help appreciated.

C J Lewis

Royal Worcester is porcelain made in England only and Limoges is French porcelain, so there is no way that your piece can be both. (If I understand your sentence correctly) This could be a piece from 1876, though there is usually a capital letter L under the logo for this date. I have seen some marks with a 76 for this year also, so it is not uncommon. See example of mark in green:

I will need a photo of your piece to go further. There are visual clues in the mark oand the piece that would enable me to quickly know what you have.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Photo enclosed, you are correct there is a letter 'M' stamped within the pottery . Having got all the set out they are all slightly different but with same colourings but different patterns. I hope the picture is of helpCup saucer backCup and saucer

Good morning Colin,
Great! The M under the logo is the date code for 1877.This pattern was influenced by the Chinese and Japanese aesthetics of the late 1800's, but this was a period when they only giving pattern names to some patterns and not to others. This pattern does have different designs on each piece, that seems to be the flavor of the pattern. This looks like a small size cup and saucer, referred to as a demitasse cup, used for breakfast or after dinner services.
Here is an example of a set similar to yours, you should watch the set and see what it goes for in the end.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks for all your help, much appreciated, and very informative.

C J Lewis

You are so welcome.

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