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I have a set of 5 watercolour paintings by Fred Appleyard painted

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I have a set of 5 watercolour paintings by Fred Appleyard painted in Africa. They have been in our family I think for around 100n years so are a little faded but I was wondering what they could be worth?
Hello,My name isCustomerand I would love to help. The next step would be for me to see pictures of the paintings, signatures and back of paintings so that I can get visual clues of the date, artist, framing construction and value. Use the Add Files feature on your screen to add pictures one at a time.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank youCustomer I have found his name in the corner of 2 of the paintings and written on the back of another 2. There may well be writing that I cannot see but I am reluctant to unseal the paintings to look. Please find picture attached.
These are truly amazing, thank you for sharing them. These are original watercolors by Frederick Appleyard (1874 to 1963), a UK artist that is listed and collected.The oil on board of female figures being the more valuable and the watercolor landscapes a bit less. Your five pieces have a value of 800GBP to 1000GBP each retail and 2200GBP each as an insurance/replacement value. It is important for you to click the stars after you have read this answer.
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Thank you for the positive rating! If you have another item, just start a new question and put 'forCustomer#39; in the beginning to get me again. I specialize in porcelain, glass, furniture, coins, watches, pocket watches, jewelry and just about everything else. You never know what you might have!