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My coil light is on also the eml light and my throttle body

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My coil light is on also the eml light and my throttle body was full of oil in the mechanical casing how can I fix this I took the egr valve off also and cleaned it as it was slightly bunged up..

On any car if you get a check engine light or other fault light this typically means one or more of the sensors has failed or has a faulty connection.

The ECU senses this and may put the car into 'limp home' mode which typically limits the revs and the amount of power available. Usually the car is safe to drive for a short distance as the mode is intended is intended to get you home without incurring any engine damage

The quickest route to repair is to have the car plugged into a diagnostic machine which will read off the fault code stored in the ECU (providing the light is still on at this point) and indicate which sensor has failed or whether the fault is more serious.

You can do a very rough and ready check yourself by unplugging sensors one at a time and seeing if any of them change the driving condition which would indicate the most recently unplugged sensor is the faulty one. This method is not foolproof though and reading a fault code off is the better method.

as for the throttle being full of oil then the first thing I'd check is the crankcase pressure relief valve (PCV) these are sprung loaded and are only meant to 'burp' excess pressure every now and then. The exiting gas is piped back to the inlet , however should the valve stick open then the engine tends to suck the air out of the crankcase all the time and this carrys oil over with it.

If you remove the air intake pipe and look inside where the crankcase breather is plumbed in you may find evidence of oil.

If you do find oil replace the valve.

Also check inside the intake just after the turbo for any signs of oil as this would be an indication that the turbo oil seal is starting to fail and a replacement / rebuilt turbo may well be required. Have a feel of the turbine wheel - there should be no play radially at all - but a little bit of axial / end to end float is normal
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thankyou but I am trying to source the information myself and fix it as I do not want to pay Audi all my money a I recently have a new member to our family and trying to safe for a house, anyway, I took off the egr valve an throttle accuator and clean up degaged and the light went away for about 25miles.then came back on :(
Also if I drive really slow or get stuck in tragic the dpf light come on and I have to drive with high revs to clear until it then goes off.. Can this all be linked to the dpf sensor as I found a few guys who had this problem, one guy took his to Audi and he posted the readings~.

Can u shed any light on this..this is same as mine..identical

this sounds like you may have a faulty throttle body and also a clogged up DPF

if the ECU thinks the DPF is blocked then it won't allow full engine power so I'd suggest;

taking the car for a long drive where you can keep the engine rpm up over 2000 rpm fro around 30 mins this will get plenty of heat into the system and get the system into re-gen mode

if that doesn't help then consider

or even removing it completely as you'll still pass MOT's fine without it, the key thing is to have the ECU re-programmed so its no longer looking for it


On cars where the DPF is removed then typically you get more power and more mpg as it restricts the exhaust even when new

as for the throttle body if the oil has gotten into the electronics then its likely to be damaged

however its worth removing the side plastic cover and giving the electronic board a good squirt of switch cleaner as this may bring it back to life

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi mate I put a new throttle body on myself yesterday and it has sorted the problem..yeeeehaaaa no lights on at all cost me 70£
Glad to have helped