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AudiDoc, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Audi
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Experience:  Independent European garage owner. Over 20 years experience
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Just went out in my friends rs4 Audi traction control light

Customer Question

Just went out in my friends rs4 Audi traction control light staying on what if anything can I do to get it off.what does this mean ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  AudiDoc replied 4 years ago.

AudiDoc :

Hi, I'm Jason and will be helping you with your RS4 question

AudiDoc :

now, this is the circular arrow light?

AudiDoc :

Can I assume that you have already pressed the "ESP" button?

AudiDoc :

Holding to see if you're able to respond

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : No never touched the ESP button the traction light has a car with two wavy lines at the bottom of it
AudiDoc :

ah, understood. And can I safely assume that you don't have an Audi scan tool (vag-com, VCDS, or similar) available to retrieve fault codes from the ABS/ESP computer?

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : No have nothing like that
AudiDoc :

Tough for me to make an accurate diagnosis without at least a fault code. What I can say is that there is likely a problem with one of 6 sensors in the car. There are 4 wheel speed sensors, and 2 acceleration sensors (lateral and longitudinal), in addition to the throttle sensor in the pedal and throttle body

AudiDoc :

I'd hate to recommend replacing any of them before you know the fault stored

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : Just got the car tonight to run it to knock hill race circuit in the morning just hope it won't cost me to much money to fix what do you think
AudiDoc :

Actually, you'll find that you'll turn better laps with traction control off, fortunately.

AudiDoc :

A garage will likely charge about an hour's worth of diagnostic labor to scan it

AudiDoc :

wheel speed sensors are about 100 each

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : Not tacking car on track friends pride and joy
AudiDoc :

ah, understood.

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : So nothing I can do then until put into Audi garage Monday morning then
AudiDoc :

I wish I could offer the magic bullet fix for you on this one. What I can say is that the car is safe to drive in the meantime

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : Sorry I know nothing about cars other than if you bend it you mend it ! What's best thing to do next
AudiDoc :

Go ahead and drive it without worry. Call a couple of Audi specialists on Monday to get it in for the traction control diagnosis. I have a feeling that it won't be overly expensive for both the diagnosis and repair.

JACUSTOMER-cpn2gggy- : Cheers mate !
AudiDoc :

And that's an honorable way to carry on. Nice of you to take care of this for your friend

AudiDoc :