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I have an Audi TT 2007 - only done 18500 miles and had no problems

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I have an Audi TT 2007 - only done 18500 miles and had no problems at all with car. After being services I was told due to age I should get new timing belt and I also required 2 new tyres. Since timing belt has been done and tyres put on, the engine management warning light has now appeared on the dashboard and drivers electric window motor had to be replaced. Is this just coincidence as I feel it's something the garage has touched causing this - I have sold the car verbally and feel I cannot sell the car now with this light on?


Hopefully i can help..

If this warning came on after the timing belt had been re-newed - then it possible either something hasnt been plugged back properly or the timing "could" be misaligned/tooth out causing a cam sensor to run out of alignment,log a sensor code..its possible thats what may of happened here..but the only way to know exactly for sure is to find out what faults codes your getting logged in the ecu..the garage in question will need to scan the ecu and then see what fault codes there is and rectify based on the result of the test..once they have then the fault memory can be cleared and that warning shouldnt come back..if diagnostic scan hasnt been done as of yet then that would be the best advice at this stage before you go any to wither the garage is at fault/due to the timing belt not being istalled correctly/lined up..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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