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I have an Audi A3 2010 model 1.6 diesel sport . It had a three

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I have an Audi A3 2010 model 1.6 diesel sport . It had a three month warranty when purchased in June . I have had problems from day one with it but as my wife drives it 80 per cent of the time and the fault did not initially happen whilst i was driving it it did not come to light for about a month . I took it back and was told it was the diesel particulate filter regenerating . I took a printout and was reasonably satisfied as what the head mechanic said made sense and this car has stop start technology which was new to us . It is still making the problem and i cannot put a finger on it . Car is out of warranty now and i want an end to problem . I looked on problem forum and this problem was a regular one which even Audi technicians only solved temporarily . The problem ... car has a sulphur smell in cockpit and engine idles roughly . iI have tried same journey , taking my wife to work , at same speed same mileage over days . The problem was not evident for 4 consecutive days the n came back . It loses no power and no warning lights come on , which is what was said on Audi forum i looked at . I am hoping you can shed some light on this problem as it is a bugbear . It only lasts normally for a minute and goes but on one or two times it was evident for several minutes . When you got out and opened bonnet it was there . Help please .

it could well be the DPF regenerating as if its quite blocked you will get a sulphur tpye smell
if the ECU thinks the DPF is blocked then it won't allow full engine power so I'd suggest;

taking the car for a long drive where you can keep the engine rpm up over 2000 rpm for around 30 mins this will get plenty of heat into the system and get the system into re-gen mode

if that doesn't help then consider

I'd also check over the exhaust joints for any leaks - where the manifold joins the head and the down pipe joints just before the catylst - the best way to do this is to start the engine from cold and feel around each joint with your bare hands - feeling for exhuast gas blowing over your fingers - you'll have about 30 seconds before it all gets too hot.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for that , i was looking at adding a diesel particulate cleaner from Wynns . Do you think this would help or do they do any good ? I have blasted it on motorways for about 2 hours , it was better but not fully cured so maybe i will look at the exhaust , but would that cure rough idle at same time as it does both simultaneously ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi . I have just received a message on email about the rating . If you can just please answer the bit about rough idle also i would be delighted to rate you . It happens at same time as smell you see , cheers .

Hello Nigel

the off the shelf DPF cleaners can be some help

and I'd go for the trade cleaner made by Forte

so well worth trying and a few repeated goes at getting it good and hot will also help clear it out

but don't be surprised if you need to get it professionally cleaned in the end

good luck
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