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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Audi
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Hi, My A6 multitronic has just started with intermittent flashing

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My A6 multitronic has just started with intermittent flashing of dashboard indicator light. I have read that this is most likely an ECU problem and will probably get worse. The car drives perfectly fine at the moment except that occasionally it does not change gear in the "manual" mode (it remains in CVT mode). Is it common when this occurs for the gearbox to suddenly stop working, I am in Spain and need to get the car back home to the UK a journey of 2500kms.

as you may have read the multitronic transmisson is not Audi's finest hour

typically they start to to give issues around 50K miles and its not uncommon to have to replace the gearbox

If caught early enough then an oil change can really help so if you can I'd suggest getting this done before embarking on the long road trip
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Matt,

The gearbox oil was changed at 80,000 miles and there is still around 8,000 miles before the next oil change is due. I guess my question is that when this problem first becomes apparent is the deterioration generally gradual or rapid? or is this not possible to quantify?


the detrioation tpyically takes about 5 to 10K miles to go from intermittent gear selection to barely changing gear at all

as I said another oil change can help stave it off but to be honest its rare for these transmissons last much more than 100K miles
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is this most likely to be an ECU problem or a mechanical one or maybe both? It sounds like I have been lucky to get to 112k miles without a problem. I have heard that changing to the 7 plate clutch solves the issues that these transmissions suffer is this the case?


the issue is usually a mechanical one inside the box and yes you're right the later clutch pack does really help

however the cost of stripping the box down to fit new parts isn't usually justified as its several hundred pounds of parts and a couple days of labour to rebuild it

often the most cost effective fix is to source a good used transmisson with less than 50K miles on it
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