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TFSI 2.0 litre engine. I have been topping up with 5W30 fully

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TFSI 2.0 litre engine. I have been topping up with 5W30 fully synthetic. The oil level is not dropping straight away. I topped up 600 ml at 700 miles (1st top up) & yesterday (2nd) 400ml @ roughly 1000 miles. I am concerned that there is an issue with the engine (however running like a clock) but after research noting that the TFSI is a heavy user of oil. Car was purchased last month (independent dealer) who carried fully service with new oil filter. Do I need to use 5W40 (heavier oil) with new filter to reduce oil usage? Not sure if this oil is compatible with TFSI /VW engines as I do not want to blow the turbo! Please advise.


Hopefully i can help..

What you have said or described i dont see an issue - Normally with these cars its well known that these do use oil as you noted - its is quite acceptable oil usage wise around 1 litre of oil to every 1000miles ..which is in effect is kind of excessive in itself but its totally normal,we see or hear this alot nowadays and not just in Audi's / we see in BMW / VW etc if that whats your experiancing then you shouldnt have anything to be worried about...On that note you do not need to use a heavier oil....just continue to use what you have been using 5w/30 fully synthetic and keep doing the regular check as you have done every or nearing 1000miles or before any long extented trip..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks for your reply. I have been driving Japanese motors for over 20 years Toyota / Mazda so I am not used to "topping up" engine oil. I have read other owners post on the net (all horror stories such as replacement pistons etc) but the car itself is going well & is a pleasure to drive.

Its just the case as your answer of checking the oil on a regular basis.

Thanks once again for your help.



Normally its standard practice to always check your oil before any long trip..or routinely every month...i always say that to any customer i get in my garage after oil service etc..but yes its not unknown for these engines to use upto 1litre of oil over 1000miles the manufacturer specifys that too as normal - anything above that usage wise and well below the 1000miles mark then you got a problem...but as you described it seems totally normal to me..worked on a fair few of these before..its mainly the newer engines in most cars its not just Audi's - BMW / VW / SEAT etc etc.... I wouldnt read too much into horror stories on those sites to be honest..

as long as the car engine for that matter is well maintaned with the proper parts/fluids specified for that engine - and as I just checked the oil your using at the moment is correct..So there is no requirement to change to 5w/40..I do hope this helps further

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thanks for your help.




No problem David.glad to help...if you ever need to ask anything else or need advice etc..then just ask anytime...Regards Robert