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I have an Audi Q7 I recently hit a kerb(in the snow),

Customer Question

I have an Audi Q7
I recently hit a kerb(in the snow), at full lock with full contact across the face of my alloy wheel against the kerb, This resulted in me needing to replace the lower wishbone and hub holder arm, I then took it to a local VW garage and had them set up the alignment and camber, now when traveling above 50 mph I am still getting shudder, I took it back to VW and they rechecked wheel balance and said they could not see anything and that it would need to go to Audi, have you any idea what other damage could have been caused by hitting the kerb at full lock
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Audi
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

I note you do mention the wheel balanced - as you'll know the wheel / alloy would of taken to biggest hit to cause the damage you mention..its "possible" the problem could be buckled alloy or the tyre itself wall wise is at fault..only way to know bar balancing

id say would be to swap over your back tyre with the that one on the front and see if their is any change - Have they inspected the driveshaft on the front/outer cv joint for damage - would also be worth checking for damage in regards ***** ***** track rod end/or the tie rod for any damage or to ensure it hasnt been bent due..considering you have had the lower control arm and the upper wishbone? replaced it doesnt really leave much else to check bar what ive mentioned above...I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then plese continue before you rate