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Why would an audi A3 sport with audi full service history 58000

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Why would an audi A3 sport with audi full service history 58000 miles on clock new cam-belt 6 months ago travelling at 70mph on a motorway disintegrate into pieces as if the cam-belt had perished and yet it hadnt


What engine does it have?

What do you mean in regards ***** ***** disintegrating? which part failed exactly do you know?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Morning Robert

Sorry the car is an audi S3 2L TFSI Engine and at the moment people are saying the damage is the same as if the cam-belt had failed but it hasn't, the AA said it looked like the timing belt was out of position would this cause the same damage. Obviously the car is still being assessed but I am at a lose as to how an audi that has being well looked after and fully serviced should end up with what looks like having to have a new engine not a happy chappy

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

I note you mention the timing belt having been replaced fairly recently - of course they will have to re-inspect exactly why and how if as you say the timing belt has moved out of alignment which in a sense it can cause the same damage considering the valves will be out of time with the the crank/ damage is likely to occur especially so givin the speed of the car and engine rpm when the problem occurred.. if i recall on that engine you have the timing belt that runs the exhaust cam / water pump from the crank - on the opposite of the cylinder head - both cams are linked together with timing they would need to check that..aswell as of course the timing belt tenioners hasnt actually freed off / thus resulting in the timing belt loosing tension allowing the timing belt to jump teeth so to speak - that would certainly put the timing out of alignment if thats the case..and you wouldnt see any issue with the belt...what have the garage in question said about this..considering who ever fit in previously the belt/or even the timing should shift shouldnt fail,jump off in that short space of time-they maybe liable for at least the costs of repair if its found to be a result of installation error...

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