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David-VAG, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Audi
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Experience:  I've been working within the Audi group for over 10 years diagnosing and repairing them
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I have a 2001 audi 1.8tt that has developed a problem with

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I have a 2001 audi 1.8tt that has developed a problem with the Dashboard instuments.On start up in the morning instruments not working nor clock nor mileage.However after a twenty minute running it clicks in and works normally for the rest of the day.The water temp seems a bit low at 70.Unfortunately I live some 100 miles from a dealer.What should I do?
Hello and welcome to Just Answer.
It sounds very much like you have a internal fault with the dash insert itself such as a bad joint that is affected by temperature.
A dealer would end up fitting a new unit and charge you to also code this to your car and from memory you would be looking in the region of £5-600 for the job.
You could try a company called BBA reman as they repair these kinds of units and would be cheaper. The down side is that you need to remove and send your dash insert to them for the repair and then they return the unit to you. This would means you wouldn't be able to drive your car until they return your old unit.
I hope this helps and if I can help further please feel free to ask
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