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Mike, Technician
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There I have a Audi A4 s line convertible and been having

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Hi there I have a Audi A4 s line convertible and been having lots of problems with starting it in the mornings.
Been to few garages but can't seem to find problem ?
The engine is turning over but just doesn't seem to catch ?
I then hold key up and keep throttling till it starts !
Once it starts its OK till next morning ?
It's had a new starter motor and ignition switch , its been tuned?
I love the car but starting to hate the starting problems
Had battery checked
Also halfords said battery is losing power somewhere, saying lights are on when they are off ?
Plus breaking light keeps coming on when the break lights are OK.
Please can you help me ! Its driving me crazy
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello there did ask a question about my audi ! had no answers back yet ?
please could you help me with this ,have paid the £22.00 payment asked of me
many thanks sue
Hello Sue,
I'm Shantal and I'm a moderator for this topic.
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
I was checking to see if you had already found your answer or if you still need assistance from one of the Professionals.
Please let me know if you wish to continue waiting or if you would like for us to close your question?
Thank you,
Hello and Welcome..
My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise with your Audi. Im sorry to see you have had a wait.
Could you please just update me.. ie, let me know if / what has been done since you asked your question...
Too - I need to ask - what is the mileage on the car?
WHat is its service history like?
Do you have any fault lights on the dash while driving at all?
Last pleae give me the FULL reg of the car so I can ID exactly its management systems -
Once you get back to me with the above info - we can then progress -
Best Rgds,. MIKE.......................
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello mike ,mileage on car is 95,000 but does have full service history
No fault lights are on whilst driving only bulb saying its out when I know its not ?halford recons gremlin in electrics,they said head lights saying they are on when they are not ?
But my Main problem is starting it in the morning ,its been to audi dealership but they could not find anything ?
Its had a new starter motor and airflow meter and been tuned.
I have noticed since I contacted you that I was parking on drive which is not that high but is on a slope, but car would not start at all untill I kept holding key and throttling car till it started.
I have since parked car on street facing down wards and car has started first time twice ,which leaves me thinking is it to do with fuel ?
The car is a 2007 its reg is-DC07 FHV
I have had local garage check plugs battery ,alternater .
Im really upset nobody can seem to find the problem with the car ,it also starts when its been in all the garages ?
but because drive is on slopeand not on flat makes me wander about fuel not getting through ?it now and again does have a fuel smell .but not all the time
Really love car but really is driving me mad now.hope this helps you.
Hope you can help me
Many Thanks sue
Hello again Sue - Thank you for your reply and info -On the face of it - having read all this through - I strongly feel this is a whats called a , Temp sensor ( ECT ) fault. This is common on these models and is easily changed.It works like the old "choke" on non injection cars - you saying you have to keep pumping the throttle -and the way its parked, does point to this - its meant to operate or tell the ecu/ computer, the temp of the engine so that the ecu commands the fuelling to work to suit the start it.. If it doesn't see a proper signal, you will get exactly as you describe.So - the first thing is to replace this ECT sensor.. most any garage can do this for you - its a two min job literally. Get a genuine one from a VW dealer for it and have it fitted... From what you have said, Im sure that will cure the starting issue for you. It is also a cheap way forward for you.. Given too that this is such a common issue, that has to be the next move.Now - IF that doesn't cure it - have the fuel filter replaced.. This is a service item but sometimes doesn't get changed on a service and can cause these issues too. Too - at the same time - have the fuel system checked for air leaks... this is done again easily by any garage - using a vacuum gauge.Last - if still having trouble, then have the fuel pressure tested- in the even of a poor condition fuel pump - that will highlight that for you.Im sure from what you have said, one way or the other as above will see this cured for you at reasonable cost too.On the subject of the lights - these are common for the tell tail light to tell you there is a bulb out when there isn't-- they often are caused by either a wrong type bulb fitted- or, bad simple connection to the light itself in question - causing high resistance - and hence the tell tale light on. So those things need checking for that. Try a new bulb of needed - an "old" bulb will cause this too.Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..~>>~~>>~ Meanwhile now at this point- Please do click on the "Exc / Ok rating" for me at this time.. "Thank you" in advance for that ... Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating - it doesn't close you out -- Best Rgds, MIKE
Mike, Technician
Category: Audi
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience: Tech Expert
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