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I desperately need advice on what to do with my problem of

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I desperately need advice on what to do with my problem of coolant loss. I have had to top up the coolant a few times becoz the coolant warning light has been coming on and when I check the coolant is low.
Taken it to a garage and been advised that it could be one of the block gaskets on the V Shape of the engine. So their advice is to buy a sealant from Halfords and just pour it into the radiator. I am worried that this might not be the best thing to do and I might damage my engine.
Advise please because I am afraid to drive my car and also afraid to put this sealant in. The garage has also advised to take the car back in later for repairs as they have said the sealant should only be a short term rectification of the coolant problem
Coolant system sealant is normally deemed a temp repair to get to either get you home or to a garage and never a full fix if you your garage is correct in what they say - but these sealants can also cause other issues by blocking up very narrow coolant passage ways and cause other troubles particulary with the heater matrix.thermostat.and thus its will be kind of hard to get that stuff out.of course depends on the brand - also depending on the nature of the leak aswell how bad it is..that stuff might not even wont work on rubber parts of the coolant system on rubber hoses if you like.. - i note you mention that garage diagnosed already the problem - in that view this could be backed up by performing a coolant pressure test if they havent done so already and this was just a visual inspection..or to pressurize the system to force the leak to appear..that way they can be a little more confident in whats actually leaking.just to be sure the leak isnt elsewhere for example a leaking water pump which can be common issue or radiator that view then the car should be left until the problem is rectified..
If the leak is extemely minor and you dont tend to be topping up the system that often..then id probably do as your doing upto now..albeit ensure that you do carry spare coolant to top up before driving and after any long journeys.if your having to top up alot when the cars in use or after which..then its optional to try one of the additives.not all of it from the bottle though.or safer still reframe from using the vehicle until as such it can be repaired to avoid further damage like overheating which can be costly if it blows the headgaskets or damages the cylinders heads due to overheating..I do hope this helps
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