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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Audi
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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Matt, I've been having problems with my A6 2.0 tdi 170bhp. It has had 2 new EGRs

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Hi Matt,
I've been having problems with my A6 2.0 tdi 170bhp. It has had 2 new EGRs abount a year ago. It was fine until a few weeks ago, then the same problem came back - the coil shaped warning light coming on afer a long drive and going into limp mode. This could be solved my restarting the engine. However, these last few days the engine management warning light as well as the coil shaped light has been coming on, and switching the engine off does not sort it out. I got the AA to look at it and the fault came up as crankshaft sensor fault. The AA guy reckoned that this was a red heering, because he said the engine would not start at all if that sensor had gone. The car is 2011 and has done 60k. Its been back to the main dealer 4 times with the EGR problem this time last year,and in the end they said it was a wiring problem. The car is now out of warranty. Would remapping sort the problem out?
Hello you can have a failing sensor and the engine still run , just not well as if the sensor isn't fully failed then it'll function some of the time and give an intermittent signal at other timesso its well worth checking over the state of the sensor connection and wiring 1st and then consider replacing the sensor if that all looks OK
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