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I have an Audi A6 2005 3.2 EFI with I've been told is

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Hi , I have an Audi A6 2005 3.2 EFI with I've been told is a loose timing chain by the garage causing slipping , the car is non running . I have been told the engine needs to be removed to repair , my question being - does the engine need removal given the chain has not snapped & how likely is it other damage to valves has occurred , it looks like the cost of repairs will be uneconomic given the age of the vehicle ?
Hi..there.. Yes the engine needs to be seperated from the gearbox - thats because the timing chains are on the back end of the engine not on the have to get the engine out.well easier that way.gearbox- then the flywheel needs to come off before even getting the timing covers off to get access the chains.. pretty much a 12 hour job roughly but for full chain renewal doesnt include any damage caused by the slipped timing.valve damage is fairly likely..only way to know that would be to do a leak down test on each cylinder ensuring the cylinder being tested has all valves in closed postion..force compressed air into the cylinder and see if it holds or not or leaks down/listen for escaping air..that would pretty much verfiy the engine gone..before even stripping down..Its fairly large job in any event to repair these if the heads have to come off then and valve repairs you maybe looking at an extra 10hrs ontop...and that doesnt include a whole new gasket kit for the engine aswell as timing chain kit and could be alot cheaper in the long sourcing a good second hand engine...I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
You have confirmed my worst fears . Thanks for your comprehensive response , at least I know the full extent of the issue . Thanks