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Matt, I have an Audi A6 (C6) Avant 2.0TDI 2007 with

Hello Matt,
I have an Audi... Show More
Hello Matt,
I have an Audi A6 (C6) Avant 2.0TDI 2007 with a BRE engine and 110k miles on the clock. I bought the car with 86k and have spare no expense on maintaining it. This being my 5th Aud (all but one Multitronic).
It broke down in Germany returning from a ski trip with my family (2 adults and two kids) in Austria. Car had a roof box and you could say it was under load but well within tolerances and I did 1200 miles from England. We were stopping off in Germany for a few days when it broke down.
Whilst moving away from traffic lights (having covered approx. 15 miles, the car juddered on acceleration and not wishing to go any faster than 20-30km/h I got it to a dealer who did not find any fault codes. They initially said, but could not check on a Saturday afternoon, that it could be that the coolant has mixed with transmission oil.
I had to drive the car 10 mies from the Audi dealership to the hotel to unload the car and I drove it at 20-30km/hr. Then Greenflag got the car back to England to my Audi Master Tech independent garage When he tested the car he could not get it above 3k revs and so changed the fuel filter (diesel came out with black soot in it but not as black when I had it changed at 95k miles). That sort of solved that issue so he could test drive it.
The transmission Oil was changed at miles.
My mechanic managed to get the car to run up to 60 miles an hour and said there was slipping at around the 3-4 clutch plate) in the multitronic) but it was fine after that up to 7 clutch plate. He told me to take it his gearbox specialist who would be able to take a look and source parts much more cheaper.
I took it the gearbox garage and whilst driving you could see the revs were slipping and car jerking (not juddering) on acceleration. The gearbox garage said it needed a new gearbox and we should change the dual mass fly wheel at the same time. He told me it was a ticking time bomb. During the test drive there was no massive juddering like experienced in Germany.
I then decided to take the car away and travel to Canvey Island and after doing 10-15 miles I got a loss of power and the car started juddering (the banging noise it was making sounded like my gearbox was about to come through the bonnet - just like in Germany but I was also moving in my seat left to right). I limped back home (10 miles) at 10-15 miles/hr not wishing to go any faster finding it difficult to move off on the slightest incline. There were no flashing lights on PRNDS only the judder on acceleration.
I left the car on the drive for a couple a days until I got my own VAGCOM cable back and when I did the VAGCOM test I got a fault code (on the day of my unsuccessful trip to Canvey Island) showing transmission temperature monitoring - intermittent fault.
This is the reading:
Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 01J-927-156.lbl
Part No SW: 4F2 910 155 H HW: 01J 927 156 JG
Component: V30 01J 2.0l PD RdW 0010
Revision: --H03--- Serial number: 00000000000597
Coding:(###) ###-####
Shop #: WSC 02325 785 00200
VCID: 295FC304805CE67609-807C
1 Fault Found:
005988 - Transmission Temperature Monitoring
P1764 - 000 - - Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00100000
Fault Priority: 0
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 255
Mileage: 179974 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2016.03.08
Time: 17:23:28
Freeze Frame:
RPM: 1504 /min
RPM: 630 /min
(no units): 6.0
Torque: 22.0 Nm
Temperature: 146.0°C
T.B. Angle: 28.8°
Bin. Bits: 1010 0 0
I then took for a drive round the block four times. the car started off with the small amount of slipping then as the transmission got hotter it started to judder. I did not allow it to go judder too long before taking it back home.
I am looking at my options since the repair for a new gearbox and DMF will be GBP2650. If I am to spend this amount of money then I really want it to solve the problem and not left with it re-occurring?
Would you agree that with the symptoms above a new refurbished gearbox (my preference is to have my own refurbished, if possible) with a new DMF or do you think it could be something else? If the latter what could I do to test other problems?
I have read forums discussing this issue and there appears to be no definitive solution or advice. Also, assuming a gearbox and new DMF solved the issue for now then how long could you realistically expect to solve the problem for? Another 100k miles?
Thank you for any advice/opinion you have to offer.
I hope this is enough information to go on.
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Hi there,Sorry to read of such a bad experience you have had with this vehicle.You have provided so much information - which really helps me assess the concern you have.The slipping concern is partially the Dual Mass Flywheel failing and partially the gearbox internal clutches.The banging experienced is the Dual Mass Flywheel - worn so much that it is 'throwing off centre' and hitting the bell housing of the transmission unit.My I advice would be - take it to someone you can trust or has knowledge of this particular vehicle, book it in for a definite Dual Mass Flywheel change - with a request that the technician test drive it with you on board prior to removing the transmission.However - from the info you information you have provided - the internals are beginning to fail for several gears, and the most efficient way to resolve this is - either strip and rebuild by an expert or fit an exchange unit.If you only do the Dual Mass Fly wheel - you may be forking out for the same labour time to remove the transmission again - and if you only do the transmission - you will be forking out for transmission removal again for the Dual Mass Flywheel.I think unfortunately - you are stuck on a one way street to deciding to spend the money big time on your pride and joy - or throw the towel in as the vehicle may not be worth that spending in your view. I hope my advice has helped.Please 'Accept' my answer if this assists you to resolving your concern - this is the only way I will receive payment.If the answer is not satisfactory - then please return for further assistance.Please note - I may not be able to answer straight away myself - as I work full time during a normal working week. - However there will be other experts who will assist you further if this is the case.Best Regards
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your response. I have come to the same conclusion to do both the transmission and the DMF at the same time. My real concern was how long does such a repair really last and whether it really then leads on to other problems. Any views?I have spared no expense on the car and since I may not be in England long term (I have worked and lived in Germany for the past 14 years), I did not want to buy a new car and have it depreciate on the driveway whilst not using it.The car is currently worth probably around GBP4.5K trade in value. Even the gearbox mechanic who MOT'd the car said the car had been superbly maintained. Whilst in Germany I bought the Textar discs and brake pads for the rear having done the fronts with high-carbon less than 2 years ago together with all the front suspension arms from Meyle.When eventually I have to sell (or scrap) this car, I will probably go for the Audi Quattro unit or a BMW Touring 520xd or 520d - all these options can be bought with out major gearbox issues on high-mileage though they have their own quirks.Thanks again for your reply. If you have any further views then I will be welcome to hear them.
Hi again,It sounds like the car is in superb condition and you value it highly as a loved motor vehicle.I am unaware of the exact cost of the repair - but would advise you obtain some quotes for the repairs prior to booking the vehicle in.I would also advise some research on some reputable transmission specialists or speak to the garage who hopes to do the repair - and ask who they will be using. ie - where is the replacement transmission coming from, who is the firm that is refurbing it, and what the warranty will be on the unit.With anything - quality varies. The garage technician may well be superb - but what parts they choose to fit - quality can vary.It does sound like you are dealing with mechanics/technicians who know their stuff - all you need now is some personal reassurance on what they are fitting, the quality, the cost, and the warranty terms. Best Regards
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the quick reply.I have spoken two reputable and friendly gearbox garages both coming from recommendations I trust; one from my mechanic and the other from where I buy second hand parts. Both rebuild on site and provide a one year warranty up to 24,000 miles. Their feedback is excellent and have been in business 30 and 40 years respectively.I prefer rebuilding my own transmission option. I have been offered both options for the same price. They both rebuild it themselves on site.They offer a one year warranty up to 24,000 miles, which is one of the best I have seen.I would like to thank you for your advice. My concern was the follow on implications, if any.Thanks again.
These guys sound like good transmission mechanics.Offering a good warranty.You cant ask for much more.I hope they sort your vehicle concern out for you as efficiently as the diagnosis.All looks promising from the info you provide. Very best of luck.A pleasure to advise.Best regards
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Got the car back today and it drives superbly. Certainly money well spent.
Wow super quick repair!Hats off to you.Enjoy driving your pride and joy again. Thank you for accepting my answer.Best regards