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How difficult is to change seized wheel alignment

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how difficult is to change seized wheel alignment adjustments on Audi A6 Allroad 2005


this rather depends on what parts you want to replace and how badly corroded they are

the adjustable track rod arms if the threaded portion is thoroughly stuck may need to be heated cherry red with oxy acetylene to get it to release

and the adjustable inner pivot bolts which turn through an arc can seize in place and not be able to rotate

if you heat these then you will also burn the rubber bush so they solution here is to soak it WD40 or some other penetrating oil

this is also good advice to do to the threaded arms and repeat over a few nights before attempting the job

if the soaking works it may only take an hour to adjust the suspension

if it doesn't and pivot bolts have to be drilled out etc then its can easily take several hours

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