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I have an Audi A4 avant. My air conditioning system seems to

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Hi. I have an Audi A4 avant. My air conditioning system seems to have stopped working. I had a new alternator 2 weeks ago.
How much would it be to get this fixed/replaced and is it worth it?
Many thanks


Depends what type of fault has occured - obviously steps regarding the alternator change would need to be looked that i mean during the change was anything disconnected and not been re installed properly?..has the system lost its gas..only way to know that safely is to take the car to a garage like kwik fit for them to check the system is still filled with gas and also to check it holds pressure..if its not and the A/C was working prior to alternator change..then the A/C system will need to be inspected for damage around the A/C radiator and pipe fitting and at the compressor itself..they cannot refill this sytem with gas if a leak is present as its illegal to do so..they need to put a dye in the system to trace leaks or use a special A/C sniffer tool to find the leak.Also the clutch pulley on the compressor will also need to be inspected to see if it engages when the A/C button is at this stage without knowing what sort of problem has occured then it would speculative on the costing and if its worth the repair..of course the car isnt totally you could still use the car without the A/C in the meantime..but as above those type of checks need to be made.

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thanks very much for this. I'll look into it.