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Got a misfire on number 3 was told it could be ignition coil

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got a misfire on number 3 was told it could be ignition coil are these easy to change please


Once you have the top plastic cover then you see the 4 coils in series..each cylinder has its remove you need to disconnect the connectors/plugs from all 4 coils and move the wiring loom/plug connectors back a bit..depending which coil type you have one has small 10mm bolt the others gently prise out - sometimes they can get stuck due to suction within the spark plug tube..but wiggle and prise up it will pop easy test to see if the coil is indeed bad on number 3 is to swap it with another number 4..refit the the connectors back on..clear the fault codes and then retest engine and see if the fault moves to number 4 coil..which was in number 3 before hand..if so then replace that defective coil..sometimes its best practice to replace all 4 coils and maybe include new sparkplugs at the same time..but its entirely optional if you go down that route or not..hope this helps

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