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Hello In bankruptcy how does it work with me paying ground

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In bankruptcy how does it work with me paying ground rent and maintenance on my flat.
I understand that any money owed is a debt but I get charged a monthly amount and my ground rent is due in two months.
Many thanks
Hello - my name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you today.

When you are made bankrupt at the date of bankruptcy any debts are frozen that you may owe. So if you are made bankrupt today any debts you owe prior to 23rd April 2013 will be frozen.

But any future debts, for example if you get a bill in 1 months time will be payable. Future debts can not be included in a bankruptcy - only those at the date of bankruptcy can be included. If rent is due in two months and you are made bankrupt before the date of the invoice then it will not be included and you still owe it.

So you may be better to wait. I hope this helps. Leanne.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Unfortunately I was made bankrupt this morning, not through choice may I add.

Will the OR allow me to pay these? And what about bills, council tax etc from now.

I also own a shop that has been empty for years. I can't sell it as its negative equity but how do I carry on paying the rates so that another creditor doesn't become involved?

Thank you


Anything from today you will be liable for. The OR will contact you and you can include all debts. As for the shop the OR now owns it along with any other assets.

Bills, Council tax etc are all included in the bankruptcy. You will only be liable for debt from today on - not historical debts. The slate has been wiped clean. Leanne.

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