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Alex J.
Alex J., Solicitor
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  Bankruptcy, liquidations, administrations, pre pack sales, re use of company names and director duties and offences.
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Hi Over the last few years Ive been buying DVDs (for resale)

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Over the last few years I've been buying DVDs (for resale) from an associate near Peterborough. Over this time we've had transactions as high as £9000; I've paid by bank transfer and he's posted the stock to me - all fine until now.
I paid him just under £2000 a few weeks ago for an agreed amount of stock, then he came back to me and said there isn't any stock, and that he's gambled the money away - in the same message he admitted being a gambling addict and a declared bankrupt. I told him I wanted my money back, and would take him to court for it (I also mentioned the police, as this is premeditated theft). He said I could take him to court but he wouldn't have to pay because he's a bankrupt - can you advise me of my options?

Thank you for your question and welcome.

I am afraid that if he has been made bankrupt then the matter is over. You cannot start court proceedings against a bankrupt.

You will have to contact the Official Receiver and see if there is any money in his estate that will be distributed to creditors.

I would also continue to pursue the matter with the police as this is potentially a fraud.

Kind regards

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