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Dr. Pat
Dr. Pat, Bird Veterinarian
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Hi,We have three hens they are just over two years old.

Customer Question


We have three hens they are just over two years old. One of them has not laid for aroung three months . She seemed unwell around 6 - 8 weeks ago, lethargic, tail down, runny watery poo and her comb became pale and floppy, i tried variuos tinics ie cider vinegar in water, made sure oyster shell grit avail, treated the house and chickens for mites and gave a course of flubenvet added feed. Initially the lethargy seemed to coincide with a moult, two of the three were moulting at a similar time. The one chicken has now finished her moult which started a little after the ill hen, and has started laying again. The ill hen seemed to perk up following the worming treatment. However over the past two to three weeks she has gone back downhill. Poo is watery and runny again, her feathers are dirty near her vent, tail is down, she stands in one place and doesnt run around much agaian. Her comb has also gone all pale and floppy again. She is still not laying but she is eating and drinking ok.
Please help, I was considering checking for egg binding next and trying the warm bath treatment.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Bird