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Dr.D, Bird Veterinarian
Category: Bird
Satisfied Customers: 859
Experience:  Small Animal and Exotic Animal Veterinarian . Licensed in Florida and Canada
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Hello. My green cheek conure escaped for 4 days until we

My green cheek conure escaped... Show More
My green cheek conure escaped for 4 days until we found her. She was very poorly but has now regained energy and is quite normal except for a constant twitch she has developed in her wings. she had also lost 10g of weight while being away. She also seems more itchy than usual. This twitch is really scaring me. I've been advised it may be due to her muscles having never flown that much before but it doesn't seem to be getting better after 3 days. Thank you.
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Dr.D : Hello ,Welcome to JA ,I am DrD ,I am a licensed veterinarian ,I will try to do my best to assist you with your questions today
Dr.D : How is she at this moment ?
Dr.D : Is she also bobbing her head ?
Dr.D : Can she stand on her perch normally ?
Customer: She doesn't bob her head. Shakes it once in a while. Her balance is good and she's quite active eating and drinking well stools are fine but a constant twitch in her wings
Customer: Oh yes and preening wings more than usual. Usually after twitching it's like the twitch is bothering her
Dr.D : Does she stop twitching when you give your attention to her or in touch to her head or back ?
Customer: When the twitching gets bad I cup her in a snugly position and it definitely gets less but still there.
Customer: If she gets interested in something it does lessen i think
Dr.D : Conures are known as attention seeking little creatures . They do it when they are looking for attention or when they are hungry.
Dr.D : Had couple birds with wing flicking
Dr.D : baby conure formula which is rich in nutrients did help to my patients
Dr.D : Also Conures both twich when hormonal, coming into breeding & flicker their wings as a sign of asking or begging.
Dr.D : Still I would take her to an avian vet for exam since she was away from home for a while.
Dr.D : To make sure she is not Hypocalcemic
Dr.D : or hypoglycemic
Customer: But she does it when we're not around as I peek through gap in door. And when she's looking away from us. Sometimes she doesn't even step up so I really don't think it's attention seeking. I've taken her to a vet already he said it may be muscles I just wanted another opinion as it is worrying me. It's constant. This behaviour only started since we found her again.
Dr.D : So there are no damages on her wings or on her chest
Customer: Slight damage to right wing but not broken
Customer: Quite minor she still flys
Dr.D : Did the vet prescribe any pain medication for wing damage ?
Customer: Antibiotics for prevention of infection and anti inflamotary
Dr.D : Why antibiotics ? Is ther any open wound or signs of infection ?
Customer: Is there any chance it could be mild siezures..
Customer: No he said to prevent any infections she MAY obtain from being outside
Customer: And being slightly wounded
Dr.D : Seizures ??? We see partial seizures in birds but I doubt this is the case with your bird
Customer: Why do you doubt? Very happy to hear that
Dr.D : She is eating , drinking well and she is not showing any signs of neurological deficits like falling of the perch etc.
Dr.D : off sorry
Dr.D : What do you feed her with?
Customer: I was worried it could be mild seizures from head trauma or poisoning. Google is the worst fro diagnosing symptoms!! I feed her good quality seeds, Harrison's pellets, fruit and veg
Dr.D : Harrison's is great.
Dr.D : Can I put you on hold
Customer: Isure
Customer: Sure
Dr.D : I am going to check for a product for her
Customer: Thank you
Dr.D : Ok.I am back.
Dr.D : Here is one other great product from the makers of HArrison's
Dr.D :
Dr.D : You can buy this from this internet page
Dr.D : This is going to help her a lot
Customer: Ok thank you I definitely will. I gather this symptom is quite complicated to diagnose. But what is your thoughts? Constant wing twitching
Customer: Does get less when preoccupied
Dr.D : I think after she is gone out she got exhausted , hungry and had wing trauma which is a source of pain to her which makes her upset
Dr.D : I believe she will be acting normal in a week or so
Dr.D : this was a big event and trauma to her be
Dr.D : being away from home
Dr.D : Would you like to ask me more questions ?
Customer: 1last question what symptoms do birds with mites or other infestations show?
Dr.D : Constant itching,pulling the feathers,hair loss and damage to the skin due to itching
Customer: Not the same.. Ok thank you. No more questions.
Dr.D : Can you please let me know when she is doing well again
Dr.D : Nice to talking to you. Please tell Indi that I will be thinking of her. Best regards
Dr.D : Bye for now
Customer: Thank you very much. May I ask 1 more question
Dr.D : Go ahead
Dr.D : ??
Customer: She doesn't vocalise anymore since. She was quite loud before any ideas.
Dr.D : I understand your concerns but please give her some more time. If she is not back to normal in a week than please take her back to your veterinarian for re- assestment.If things not looking right to you do not wait and take her in .
Customer: Understood. Thank you. You will get a good rating from me. Thanks again
Dr.D : Thank you
Customer: Goodbye