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My female budgie, Charlie, is 2yrs 9mths old. Just over a

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My female budgie, Charlie, is 2yrs 9mths old. Just over a week ago I noticed her trying to scratch her bum, I then noticed a lot of redness. On taking a look she had a swelling, quite hard. I called and made an appointment at the vet the next day, they said it looks like an egg, if she hasn't passed it in a few days come back. I took her back on Sat morning, still no egg, the vet explained what they would do and I left her. He called back some hours later to say she had come round and was fine. However, on examination it was not an egg but a hard lump under the skin, then he said tumour. He continued to inform me she is lively and bright so to monitor her and watch for any changes in eating, play, sleep etc. I asked for how long? He said if she shows changes to take her back and they will take another look.
So, is he gently trying to tell me that there is nothing they can do for her. Should / when I take her back they will put her to sleep? He did say she would need to be under anaesthetic for a better examination and that this was in itself risky for budgies.
I just keep looking at her now and waiting for her to fall off the perch or look to be having some kind of problems.
Birds : Hi there, vet Andrew here. I see you're offline so I'll leave this as a message for you.
Birds : There isn't much research on tumours in budgies, so that may be why your vet can't tell you for sure how this is going to pan out, and also tumours in general are often unpredictable so we find it hard to predict exactly what's going to happen.
Birds : Budgies are also poor subjects for anaesthesia, so again I can see why your vet is being cautious.
Birds : The way I see your case, you have two options, as you're clearly uneasy about the situation:
Birds : 1 - call up your vet and discuss referral to an avian specialist. These vets deal with small birds such as Charlie every day, and will have the miniaturised anaesthetic equipment and diagnostic tools needed. They may cost a little more and you may need to travel, but at the very least your vet could have a chat with them about the case and get some specialist advice. The specialist may be able to sedate her and examine the lump fully with a tiny endoscope, and from there you could be looking at surgery.
Birds : 2 - if you feel you can't afford this, then there are still options. The lump is clearly irritating Charlie, and her scratching may have set up a skin infection at the site. There are creams which can address both of these problems which your vet can prescribe. Keep an eye on the lump yourself, and report it's progress to your vet. If it's a benign tumour, it will just grow in it's place and will not cause further problems until it's big enough to block her vent, and she'll be unable to pass droppings. If it's malignant, then it may spread to her organs. In either case, monitor her appetite and general behaviour - if she stops eating and/or becomes listless and fluffs her feathers up, not wanting to do anything, then it may be the lump has got the better of her. I'm afraid it will then be time to have her humanely put to sleep.
Birds : I hope this advice has been useful; it's really the best I can do from a distance, but hopefully now you can see your options. Keep in touch, vet Andrew.
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Many thanks for your kind rating and bonus. Please let me know how you get on with Charlie, as I like to follow up all my cases. You can do this free of charge via this thread. Kind regards, ***** *****