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Jeanne Smith
Jeanne Smith,
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My amazon has started to eat its own poop when out of cage.

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My amazon has started to eat its own poop when out of cage . Its about 8 to9 months old
JA: I'll do all I can to help. The Expert will know how to help your bird. What is your bird's name and age?
Customer: Name is rolo
JA: How old is Rolo?
Customer: 8to 9 months only had him 4 weeks
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about Rolo?
Customer: He will only eat cockatiel seed

Hi, this is Dr. Jeanne Smith. I just came on line and saw your request. I'm sorry no one else was able to respond to you sooner. I'll do my best to help you with Rolo with home care suggestions and advice for the best course of action. Eating droppings can just be a behavioral issue but it can be something called "pica". Pica is where a human or animal or bird eats abnormal, non-food items because they have an intestinal tract disorder. I'll give you some suggestions to try to prevent Rolo from eating his droppings (because that isn't a healthy thing for him to do) and to try to get him eating better foods. If he still won't eat better foods or is losing weight or showing other symptoms like sleepiness, lethargy, fluffing feathers out you should get him examined by a veterinarian familiar with birds to rule out a bacterial or fungal or parasitic intestinal infection. I'll be right back with suggestions.

If he doesn't have a grate at the bottom of his cage, get a cage with a grate. If his grate is just too close to the cage papers so he reaches through to the droppings, drop the cage tray down lower so he can't reach them. Lots of cages have a second rack down low on the legs for storing things. When I have a bird that reaches through for its cage papers I put the tray way down there on that rack. There are a variety of methods for switching bird on to healthy diets. Usually amazons are very finicky so the best way to do it is the "tough love" or "controlled cold turkey" method. To do this you first have to make sure he has normal body muscling. Feel his breast and see if he has a good pad of muscle on either side of his center keel bone. If he has a good pad of muscle, get a pelletized diet (I find that Roudybush or Zupreem are the most palatable and birds switch to them easiest). Give Rolo nothing but pellets and water and change his cage papers. Watch his droppings to tell if he's eating. If he isn't eating his feces will be small and very dark green or he'll have droppings with urine or urates only. Let him go 48 hours with just pellets and water. At the end of 48 hours if his droppings haven't started to become more normal, give him his cockatiel seed back for 7 days and then try again. Another way to do this is to get a food scale and weigh him daily. If he loses more than 5% of his body weight, give him his seed back for a week and try again.

If he's thin, more a V shaped breast than a U shaped breast, that's all the more reason to take him to a veterinarian to see if his issue is an intestinal infection.

Jeanne Smith and 2 other Bird Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Thank you very much will try that he cant reach it when in cage . Ive given him pellets today. But hes not showing much interest, oniy wants the cockatiel seed.

You're welcome. Amazons can be very finicky. Youngsters usually aren't so bad but he may be an exception. Good luck with him. It's well worth persevering for his longterm health.

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
My bird died the next morning early, now gone for postmortem. But thanks for your help.
Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Iwas glad of your help just wish i found you sooner.
I'm so sorry to hear you lost Rolo! I know how hard it is to lose a feathered friend, especially just a youngster.
Customer: replied 2 days ago.
I dont need any help at mo my bird died,but will keep ypu in mind for when i get another one many thanks.