Five Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

By Monica

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You probably know about winterizing your car, but did you know that cars also respond to a bit of spring cleaning and TLC?

Today JustAnswer gives five tips for readying your car for the spring and summer.  

Wash and polish the exterior.  Cars pick up a lot of grime, mud, grit and salt through the cold months.  Take your car outside or to a jet wash and give it a luxurious going-over.  Mud and grit can scratch paintwork and the salt from gritted roads can aid corrosion, so don’t forget the underside of your car.  A final coat of wax polish will help to protect your car for the future, too.

Clean out the interior.   Take out your snow kit and your extra jumpers, and make you sure you hoover, wash and polish up everything on the inside.  Losing extra weight will help your fuel consumption, and removing grit and dirt from carpets will help to preserve them.  Too many things left in your car help to trap damp as well – remove them all and give your car a blow-through on a warm day.

Check under the bonnet.   You’ll often have bits of twig and leaf stuck under the bonnet; now is the ideal time to remove all that debris.

Consider a garage health check.  You may not need to give your car a full service, but a check for brake pads (heavy winter use), wipers (may wear out during winter storms) and your alignment/suspension can make sure your car is safe to drive.  Potholes and bad winter roads can play havoc with your alignment, and dislodge bits from your car – it’s always worth having a professional take a look.

Test your air conditioning.  You’ll want to make sure this is working well for the hot summer days just around the corner!  Make sure it’s still working well and efficiently and doesn’t smell bad or damp. 

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