Help your family and friends with JustAnswer

By Monica

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Do you have family members in need of fast, accurate answers, 24/7?Get verified Expert answers for your friends and family today. 

Everyone thinks you are a good friend – but even a good friend can’t possibly have all the answers.If your friends come to you with their problems, and you’re stuck for advice, you can always rely on JustAnswer. 

Whatever the problem, JustAnswer can help.With your JustAnswer membership, you can ask unlimited* questions to Experts across every category (subject to the Fair Use Policy), helping your family and friends with their life situations as they arise. 

Whether it’s a broken printer flashing an error code you don’t understand, a computer playing up, a pet exhibiting odd behaviour, or a thorny legal problem, JustAnswer can provide affordable, tailored assistance.You don’t even have to leave the house!

Looking for a birthday present for a friend or relative?  A JustAnswer question and response makes a great, unusual, and personalised gift. 

*Subject to the fair fair use policy.