Keep your pets in tip top shape this Summer

By Monica

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Keep your pets safe from heat danger this summer.

Felix, Alfie and Oscar feel the summer heat as much as you do – or do they?   Test your knowledge and make sure your pets stay cool and healthy in hot weather this summer.

Do you know how much water your dog should drink while he or she is outside in the hot sun? 

Experts say most dogs should drink about 30-50ml of water per kg of body weight on a normal day – however, a dog will drink more after exercise or in hot weather.  To be safe, your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water – and should be allowed to drink as much as he or she wants.

How long can you safely leave your dog in the car on a hot day?

No time at all.  You should in fact never leave your dog in a car on a warm day – even if you’re in the shade, you leave a window open, or it doesn’t feel that warm.   It is still dangerous for your dog.  A car can develop into an oven in less than an hour.  

Can you use sunscreen on a dog?

Zinc is toxic to dogs and cause urgent blood problems if ingested, so it’s not safe to use sunscreen designed for adults or containing zinc.  Ideally you should use a canine-specific sunscreen.

What are the signs that your dog is dehydrated?  Hint: it’s not just panting!

Panting is one symptom, of course.  Sunken eyes, lethargy, depression, loss of appetite and dry mouth are others.  You may also be able to tell by lifting the skin between your dog’s shoulder blades – if the skin does not quickly return to normal, your dog may be dehydrated.

Have more questions about your pet and hot sun?   Certified Veterinary Experts are on hand to help you keep your pet in tip-top shape this summer – 24/7.