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In today’s multi-media world there are more ways to watch live sport than ever before.   Terrestrial TV, Sky, livestreams – all the sport you want to watch, from soccer to the Olympics to Wimbledon, is just a few clicks away.

But imagine if you know it’s there – and you just can’t get to see it?

Many people choose a good sporting occasion to buy themselves a new TV.The new breed of smart TVs come with all sorts of features and apps – but they are not necessarily easy to set up!Having a TV that’s not set up properly when you want to watch your country play can be really frustrating.

TV and Tech Experts on JustAnswer can help by providing fast, guided instruction – enabling you to get up and running when you need to.They can also help when your TV starts playing up.

“Computer says no!”

Do you prefer to watch sport on your laptop or tablet?These can be great mobile solutions that allow you to keep up with your favourites on the go.But when they go on the blink, it can be hard to get them going again – or even figure out what’s wrong. 

If you need help diagnosing or fixing your device, JustAnswer is here for you.

Don’t miss a second of Euro 16 – ask your Electronics question now.Experts are available with fast, specific help, 24/7.