Does an electric car save you money?

By Daniel

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Electric cars are increasingly popular in Britain and an effective way to save money on motoring. The benefits of an electric car are obvious: efficient, good for the environment, and cheaper fuel costs. Electricity has a zero rating of fuel duty, which means the costs can be as little as few pence per mile.

Being an electric car owner means you are exempt from a number of charges and taxes that affect normal vehicles. If you live in London and own an electric car, then you don’t have to pay the congestion charge. You also don’t have to pay road tax, which is another big money saver.

All the evidence shows that the cost-per-mile of running an electric car is less expensive than a traditional vehicle. There are up-front payments of course, but within a year the cheaper running costs will more than cancel that out.

Choose the right vehicle for your everyday needs, and you can potentially save hundreds if not thousands of pounds, while cutting emissions at the same time. You could even make savings in unexpected ways such as setting up car charging for off-peak hours.

After all, every little helps - whether you are saving money or the environment.

Don’t forget to do your due diligence though - you will still need to factor in insurance and maintenance costs.

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