Are you ready for summer?

By Daniel

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Everyone looks forward to the summer holidays – long, lazy hot days, picnics on the beach, special days out with the kids, and BBQ evenings. 

But what if reality doesn't live up to your dreams? Aside from the great British summer being blown off course with endless rain, if you have kids, that long summer holiday can be less of a wonderful time and more of a nightmare.  

Bored children often get into trouble, and over the holidays, even the sweetest kids can become unruly. Many kids lose interest in their hobbies within a few weeks. Keeping them entertained over the summer is hard work – so why not ask a Parenting Expert on JustAnswer for some ideas? 

Here are our top five tips for entertaining your kids – without breaking the bank. 

  • Mix things up with lots of days out. Even if you don't have much cash, or driving is difficult, there are plenty of local events taking place over the summer. Your town council or library will have useful information on how to entertain the kids. 
  • Make your own fun! You can shake things up by having a dress-up day using things kids aren't often allowed to play with. Movie days, gardening days, cooking days – the possibilities are endless.  
  • Go back to the future – you must remember the games you played as a child, so why not use them to add some novelty to your own children's activities? 
  • Get creative – jewellery making, painting, drawing, model-building – there are so many crafts that kids can get involved in. 
  • Arrange a special day – such as a trip to a theme park, so the kids have something to look forward to at the start of the holidays. Make it affordable by looking for bargain deals, discount coupons, or 2-for-1 or kids-go-free vouchers. You can get your costs down even further by bringing a picnic. 

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