True or False: Car Edition

By Monica

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Is a car ever just a car?  For very many people, a car is more than just a way of getting them from place to place.   It can be a status symbol, a companion for long road journeys, or a reminder of a happy past.  Many people even give their cars a name!

Test your car knowledge with our quick True or False quiz!

  • A black car overheats more often than a white car.

True!  You’ll often see more white cars in hot regions, and experiments have shown that a black car in summer sun can heat up to 57°C; a white car only reached 52°C – almost five degrees cooler!

  • You should change your brake pads every six months.

False.  It’s actually all about the driving.  Drive a lot on motorways, and your pads may last 60 000 miles; do a lot of town driving, and you may only get 25 000.  Front brake pads get more wear than rear brake pads.  As a rule of thumb, pads should be measured at regular services and changed if worn to 3mm or below manufacturer’s instruction.

  • A rear-facing baby seat is safer than a forward-facing one.

True, according to research!  However, a child seated in a properly-fitted forward-facing seat, properly fitted into it, is still very safe.

  • A hybrid car costs more to service than a petrol or diesel car.

True and false.  The main extra expense is in a higher purchase cost and higher material/component costs if repairs are needed.  However, some things often need less maintenance, such as brake pads, and fuel economy may offset the higher cost price.

  • You don’t need a service if you drive less than 3000 miles a year. 

False.  Most manufacturers suggest an either XX miles or XX months formula for servicing.  Usually the months will come around first!  It’s important to service your car as things like oil and tyres may degrade.  If you only drive very low mileages, it is important to get your engine hot once a month or so with a slightly longer drive.

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