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Category: BMW
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Hi, ive got a 530D msport on a 57 plate. dash flashin up DPF,

Customer Question

Hi, i've got a 530D msport on a 57 plate. dash flashin up DPF, my local bmw dealer has quoted me £1500 to replace it, after looking on line ive seen many people who have done away with it and had a remap, does this cause any problems down the line ?
also ive noticed people saying they have done away with the swirl flaps? confused about what these are and if they need removing aswell.....please help

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.

Providing the ECU is programmed not to look for the DPF ( there's a pressure sensor in the exhaust) then removing it gives no issues and a few benefits as the reduction in exhaust back pressure releases more power and more mpg

so yes I'd reccommend taking the removal route


the swirl flaps are a set of valves in the inlet manifold that are actuated at certain engine rpm and load to change the path of the air into the engine

they can break up and then be swallowed by the engine and this event is preceded by a rattling as the flaps break away from the shaft

this is why its no uncommon to remove the flaps and suffer the small loss in fuel consumption as a brand new inlet manifold assembly is rather expensive

Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.
Hello Doug

do you need more information on this one?