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Robert, BMW Technician
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my car is a bmw520d year 2008. "increased battery discharge"

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my car is a bmw520d year 2008. "increased battery discharge" message & clock has stopped. What is the problem?



Hopefully i can help..


The message fault is the cars monitoring system that monitors the battery state - the increased battery discharge message means something on the car ie:- of an electrical nature ,sensor.electrical component,control module has become faulty / or something even left on or plugged in, is taking a draw off the battery whilst the cars idle/off and this is what the car is seeing thus can reset/ temporarily switch off all but non-essential items, including the clock etc..there is slight chance it could be the battery itself but this would need to be checked before hand before any replacement is made - and such if a new one is installed it has to be programmed/ registered into the car..unfortunalty with the nature of this problem,complex systems these cars have as per above you most definatly need a scan tool specific for BMW to determine exactly where the drain is on the car/voltage drop test whilst,during the car is off to track the cause down.this doesnt nessesarily mean straight to the dealer but im sure any well equiped independant specialist in the brand can do this for you at a much cheaper cost if you have one locally..i do hope this helps

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your response which seems to make sense. I have noticed that after starting the car , I can hear a noise of the system searching for a cd. Could this be the possible source of the fault?

Is it likely that the battery will run down completley in the short term or should I get it checked out asap?

Hi. there .. thanks for getting back..


There is a chance the problem could lay there as mention but would need to verified first as such as highlighted above aswell ensuring the drain isn't elsewhere which sometime can often end up being...however the battery "shouldn't" run down but should still hold enough to the car started at least if it does get to the point of having the car jump started then it would need to be investigated sooner rather than later.. however it would certainly be something to have checked out as and when possible...I do hope this helps further..

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