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Roger, BMW Master Tech
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can you help me please,i have a bmw e46 saloon 1.8i se. i have

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can you help me please,i have a bmw e46 saloon 1.8i se. i have all three break warning lights on speedo not working and the mile per gallon dial not woking.
i have changed the front disc and pads, hand break shoes and the rear abs sencor,but the lights are still on.
i have had it on a computer and it said the sencor i have just replaced is faulty but its a new one,can you give me some advice to the problem.
many thanks


My name is XXXXX XXXXX it would be my pleasure to help you today.

This used to be a common problem I saw in the dealership. Often the problem starts with a failed wheel speed sensor. The failed wheel speed sensor damages the electronics for the ABS/DSC control module. Sometimes the replacement sensor may even correct the problem for a short time but often the vehicle would return with the same problem. Because this was such a common failure it was normal to quote the sensor and the ABS control unit at the same time to repair this failure.

The signals for the cluster speedomenter and MPG are sent from the control module.

What needs to be done is the wiring needs to be checked between the wheel speed sensors and the control module first. If the wiring is good and the sensor is good this verifies the problem is in the control module. Upon replacement it will then need programming and coding by the dealer to work correctly.

I am sorry to hear your vehicle has this problem. I hope this information is helpful.

Please leave positive feedback for my help today. An excellent rating is much appreciated.

I wish you the best with your repairs.

Kind Regards,


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thank you for the imfo,can i ask were abouts is the module siuated in the car?.

No problem Darren,

Can you post the last seven digits of the VIN for me and I will see if I can find a component picture for you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thank you its az18095

I have a parts listing for you that I looked up by your VIN number.

The ABS unit is located attached to the ABS pump in the engine compartment.

The control unit is attached to the pump my torx screws and is replaceable separate from the entire pump unit.

The control unit is component #3 in the parts diagram.

I am pretty sure a used component can be used in this application as well. While some control modules are "married" to a vehicle this unit can be swapped and programmed so a used part is an option. The problem with used parts is that you never know if the used one has a problem.

With the expense with this repair it is almost worth it to use the dealer. The reason is, they can test fit the ABS control unit and verify that it fixes the problem. Using the BMW tester they can also test the wheel bearing pick up to make sure it is not a pick up problem which is not common but a possibility. The most common failure is the ABS control unit when all the wire checks are good. If the control module does not fix the problem the dealer can then return it to stock so it gives you a bit of a safety net.

Also since the control unit requires programming the dealer is often needed anyway.

I hope I have been helpful and wish you the best with your BMW.