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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: BMW
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When I shift from say ... first to second nothing seems to

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When I shift from say ... first to second nothing seems to happen until the clutch pedal is almost at the top of the travel, then the car suddenly jerks forward.

What is the cause and what is the solution ...

this sounds like the clutch or the clutch release bearing is sticking

I'd 1st suggest bleeding the circuit to completly flush out all the old fluid and also check that the pedal pivots are well lubricated in the drivers footwell

if this doens't help then I'd try leaving the clutch pedal held down overnight by bracing the pedal against the seat base with a piece of wood or similar, this is to try and force the seals inside the slave to take a set in the right orientation as over time they can shrink and draw air back in when you take your foot off the pedal.

This shrinkage isn't enough to leak any fluid but the gap is big enough to draw air in (gas being harder to seal than fluid) if this doesn't work I'm sorry to say that the slave cylinder is going to need changing.

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